Tv show dating a prince

" in which they thought they were competing for the affections of Prince William's younger brother, Harry.

Prince Harry lookalike Matt Hicks "As soon as I met him, I immediately knew that he was the right guy for the show," said producer Danny Denton.

"We were very nervous before Matt went into the house because at that point some news could come out about the real Harry which would scupper the show.

I can't believe it actually came off." For the 12 hopeful women involved, Danny said that the girls came out feeling positive about having dated a royal imposter.

But for aficionados, the unaired episodes will be available online and via video on-demand services.

The network said that it was looking to air the remaining shows at a different spot at a later date. Thanking American television viewers for its demise, Time wrote: “Ultimately, one assumes, it would be watched only by the losers of bets and people who had just died in front of their television sets….


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