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We formalise a notion of dynamic rationality in terms of a logic of conditional beliefs on (doxastic) plausibility models. negations of Moore sentences and of Muddy Children announcements), dynamic rationality changes its meaning after every act of learning, and it may become true after players learn it is false.Applying this to extensive games, we “simulate” the play of a game as a succession of dynamic updates of the original plausibility model: the epistemic situation when a given node is reached can be thought of as the result of a joint act of learning (via public announcements) that the node is reached. belief that is preserved during the play of the game, in order to give an epistemic condition for backward induction: rationality and common knowledge of stable belief in rationality.The front end, designed by Theodore Gray containing program code with prettyprinting, formatted text together with results including typeset mathematics, graphics, GUI components, tables, and sounds.All content and formatting can be generated algorithmically or edited interactively.# This option only takes effect if the ddclient runs in daemon mode. ( 1 ; serial 10800 ; refresh (3 hours) 3600 ; retry (1 hour) 604800 ; expire (1 week) 86400 ; minimum (1 day) ) NS dns.

Although Mathematica 7 is a highly advanced computational platform, the recipes in this book make it accessible to everyone -- whether you're working on high school algebra, simple graphs, Ph D-level computation, financial analysis, or advanced engineering models.

My question is how to achieve this keeping the "OFFSET" formula across the whole workbook ?

Thx Option Explicit Private Sub Worksheet_Change(By Val Target As Range) ' Macro to update all worksheets with drop down list referenced upon ' this data source worksheet, base on ref names Dim cell As Range Dim isect As Range Dim v Old Value As Variant, v New Value As Variant Dim dv Lists(1 To 6) As String 'data validation area Dim One Validation List Name As Variant dv Lists(1) = "mylist1" dv Lists(2) = "mylist2" dv Lists(3) = "mylist3" dv Lists(4) = "mylist4" dv Lists(5) = "mylist5" dv Lists(6) = "mylist6" On Error Go To error Handler For Each One Validation List Name In dv Lists 'Set isect = Application.

Standard word processing capabilities are supported, including real-time multi-lingual spell-checking.

Documents can be structured using a hierarchy of cells, which allow for outlining and sectioning of a document and support automatic numbering index creation.


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