San jose dating scene

While these women arrive thinking the odds are in their favor, they eventually realize the local dating culture doesn't prioritize marriage as they had hoped."I think many men and women in the Bay Area have come to feel satisfied with 'friends with benefits' situations," Villarreal said, "and find this easier than putting in the necessary time and effort it takes to maintain a long term monogamous, committed relationship. While there tends to be adequate opportunity for 'dating' experiences, some women complain about how difficult it can be to shift from serial dating to settling down with someone in a committed relationship."spoke with said there are a lot of smart, successful men in San Jose, and it's not difficult to meet them.

In fact, the biggest advantage women cited was the wide variety of men in the city, from "tech nerds" to jocks to career-minded businessmen.

On a Friday night in downtown Palo Alto — just a stone's throw from Stanford University, office buildings and the technology hub of San Jose — the college bars and vegan restaurants lining its streets teemed with single men.

But at Nola, a Creole-themed bar with notoriously bad service, Erika, 25, wasn't having much luck meeting single guys."I ordered my drink, and my girlfriend and I threw out glances and smiles to many men we were interested in.

So, like the rest of the world, I joined Tinder, Hinge, and a brand new app called The League. People love to say this about the singles scene in Silicon Valley.

And, like most clichés, there’s a kernel of truth to it.

If you always hang out with the same three people, or only hang out at tech events, it will probably be hard to find someone.

But if you have a wider circle, or have hobbies with a good gender balance, dating will be a lot easier.

And that's another thing — it's not really typical to go on formal dates. In other parts of the country, going to dinner is pretty standard; here, when a guy mentions dinner for a first date, it's like, wow — that is shocking!

Basically, your date views you like an app that’s in beta.

Maybe you’re pretty great with a lot of promise and the potential to make someone millions, but that doesn’t mean your date wants to actually download you.

Most of the men went to Ivy League schools, are ambitious, and came out here because it's the mecca of the tech world. A lot of people in the Valley have started meeting people through salsa dancing — it's really big — and so much social awkwardness comes up. They act like, "Oh my goodness, there is a woman who I'm touching." They get super nervous.

There's a great mix of guys from all over world, and there are interesting types of people to meet. I don't think a lot of guys even interact with women on a consistent basis. It makes it difficult to date someone who doesn't even know how to act in a social context; it's just frustrating. He told me all these things that you wouldn't ever disclose on a first date.


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