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Uridge, a well known miner and formerly timberman at the Yak, were quietly married last Tuesday at Pueblo, it was learned here yesterday. It is expected she will be buried in the Jewish cemetery here beside the grave of her husband, who died a number of years ago. Heimberger, at one time the owner of the Herald Democrat, was a foster son of Dr. Ed Janowitz, a former resident of Leadville, arrived here from Chicago last evening to attend the funeral of her mother, the late Mrs. He came to Leadville with the earliest pioneers, reaching the placer camps in California gulch in 1878. Their home in those days was a model for the times situated in West Fourth street. Heimberger in her youth received a university education, was highly accomplished as a musician and a woman of many talents. Leadville Carbonate Chronicle - March 3, 1919 - Personal Mention - Miss Rose Heimberger arrived in the city yesterday from Pueblo to attend the funeral of her late mother, Mrs. Leadville Carbonate Chronicle - March 3, 1919 - Personal Mention - Mrs. She was born April 4, 1927 in Mount Vernon, Illinois to Tallie C. Miss Hirvi was the oldest daughter in the family, and had acted as mother to her younger brothers and sisters since the death of their mother several years ago. Ujder had been set for several weeks ago, but was prevented by her illness. Hume, William William Hume - Leadville Carbonate Chronicle - November 18, 1918 - Around the City - William Hume - Word was received here yesterday announcing the death of William Hume, a pioneer mining man of Leadville who for several years has been employed at the government mint in Denver and has resided there.I’ve decided this time around to eschew bright lights and settle into a quiet existence in a quiet little town. And besides, it’s a chance to set the record straight, albeit under the ruse of , about many things having to do with living a modern vampire life. The smells, the noises, the of a population trying to cram all of life into a few decades burdens the spirit of a vampire. I bought a nicely restored Victorian on the edge of Leadville. Miners flush with gold dollars and full to the brim with whiskey are normally good for business. I stumbled on the place last year while on a research trip, visiting early mining sites in preparation for a museum exhibit. Sunny Tom’s face is wreathed in a grin, his dozen gold teeth flashing in the bar light like fireflies on a summer night. But when the cards turn against them, the whiskey takes over.

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The crime report encompasses more than 18,000 city and state law enforcement agencies reporting data on property and violent crimes. Heimberger was widely known among present-day residents of the city and since her arrival here Sunday, she had renewed many old acquaintances and friendships, being then apparently in the best health and her usual cheerful spirits. Herron; sisters Shirley Shomidie; Helen Benson; and Elizabeth Cotton; brothers Carl Wall; and Don Curry; six graandchildren and one great grandchild. Samuel Thomas conducted the funeral service at the hall, where practically every resident of the little village assembled to pay their respects to their friend. Uridge have many friends in Leadville, where they will reside, who will wish them congratulations. A resident of Leadville for a number of years before removing to Pueblo and later to Chicago a few years ago, Mrs. Herald Democrat, July 12, 2001 HIRVI - Miss Mayme Hirvi, daughter of the late John Hirvi, of Finntown, was buried yesterday afternoon in Evergreen cemetery following funeral services at 2 o'clock at the New Finn hall at Finntown.I am small in stature which means men sometimes make the mistake of thinking a childish mind resides in this rather childish body. I am preternaturally strong, as are all vampires, and have no tolerance toward those who try to intimidate me—or others. A hasty resignation because of “family problems,” a quick transfer of funds to whatever new identity I’ve adopted and a brief goodbye to the human hosts who have provided me sustenance during my stay. The one hot topic on all the charts is vampire romance. Tom is past before I can skewer him with a properly caustic reply. There are only two people who know the truth of our relationship. If I see an injustice, it is in my nature to correct it. They, the few who are guardians of the secret, do not question. They know to take the money and pleasure offered in return for blood and form no attachment. And so I shed the skin of the old persona and adapt a new one in Leadville, Colorado in the year 2009. Who is in a better position to write about vampire romance than a female vampire who has certainly experienced her share of romance? There is another reason I chose to make this incarnation that of a writer. I’ve had my fill of city life and being forced to live among people. A variety of developmental areas are reviewed, including problem solving and cognition, physical functioning, hearing and vision, speech and language, and social and emotional development.


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