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bed, each of us on our i Phones, silently scrolling through Grindr and assessing the abs and buttocks of Union Square’s proximal gay men.

The reality, though, as reality tends to be, is something far more subdued, and it often feels far more sinister: We went to gay bars every so often as 18-year-old freshman, enamored with the garish pop music and drag queens, but eventually settled in and began to get our entertainment not from Cher sing-offs at Pieces but by inaudibly cruising through Grindr’s stock list of men, sometimes meeting up with someone, other times falling asleep phone in hand.

Instead of dating, we Grindr’d, attracted to the frictionless nature of the app, soaking up the attention and the possibilities of businesslike Grindr, though anonymous and astonishingly efficient, has presented us with something of a social and romantic quandary.

And then they pop the question; "Ab baat pakki samjhe? If location-based dating app Tinder's latest web film about a maa who "right-swipes" on her daughter's first-date outfit, is anything to go by, we may very well see a digital version of the above scene.

On the other end of a swipe is not just a potential lover; there's mother, father, sister, brother and aunties who ask "beta, when is your turn?

I downloaded the app a few weeks into my freshman year in New York City, and it became — as it has for many gay millennial men — my first introduction to sex, a digitized But it’s certainly a far cry from what I was expecting.

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One thing led to another and I ended up at her place after one too many drinks.In places like New York City, sex, or the prospect of it, is laughably easy to procure thanks to Grindr, which launched in 2009, when my friends and I were closeted 14-year-olds, going to high school in provincial suburban towns, watching our straight classmates dip their toes into the world of promiscuity as we hunkered down and studied, sexless.It’s a bit like Seamless — rendering a hookup, or, if you’re looking for them, drugs, as readily available as a carton of General Tso’s and as stringently transactional, too." as if all humanity is waiting in a queue that leads to a marriage counter.In India, where as soon as one hits puberty their kundlis are matched, even mobile dating apps, it seems, can't help but nudge in the direction of established rules of courtship. Right after you FINALLY decided to have sex with him, he decided to ghost you. About six months ago, I ran in to her in LA after a job interview.


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    " Ms Andrew, the library's "librarian", said."The first day I put it out I saw the council van come, the guys who work on the park, and they were all around it looking at it with hands on hips."I went over and said, 'Hi guys, am I in trouble', and they said, 'Oh no, it's awesome, we're swapping a book'."The community has really taken it on board."The idea of a little free library is a simple one: a spot where people can leave books they have read and take away another one.

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    Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all, but their number one criteron make sense to us: an emphasis in profile questions on mutual interests and honest self-representation over looks and sexual prowess.

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