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This was a supposed pastor trying to take advantage of my weakness. It didnt last up to six months before we broke up due to our numerous differences.He also didnt make a commitment, the major thing was that we liked ourselves. Fast forward to this year, I met a very funny and intelligent guy, we met on a social networking site.See, you’re not the only one guilty of kissing frogs while hoping they’ll become princes(ess). Contrary to popular belief, love and attraction doesn’t happen randomly. I wanted to sort them out, and they were in equal parts thankful and irritated by that.

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So what is it that causes you to be drawn to these specific types of men? If you find that as you’re making your lists, you still have some feelings of hurt and anger over these past relationships, which is very common, take some time to really examine those feelings. For each, try to understand what may have made him the way he was, and realize that he was broken also.

You know that thing Google does when you start a phrase in the search box, gives you suggestions to end it based on most popular searches? It was only when I realised I had to look for more than a charming personality in a guy that I broke the spell of constantly falling for the Peter Pan type.

Well, when you type “Why do I keep dating…” this is what pops up to complete it: narcissists, losers, sociopaths, jerks, the same type, wrong guy/girl. I used to be the classic nanny/mum/therapist girlfriend. As a result, I attracted partners who were immature and irresponsible boys. And when I learned (the hard way of course) that I can’t change my partners, and I don’t have to, as there are already men out there that posses the qualities I want.

The right guy will want to show you off to his friends, introduce you to his social circle and have you be a part of his group.

If he doesn’t seem to “get” you or laugh at your jokes, he likely doesn’t have an awesome sense of humor like you do, or his sense of humor does not align with yours.


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