Worlds smartest female chatbot

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Christie Pitts, Head of Operations at Backstage Capital, thinks that: Selecting best chat bots is a daunting task.

The chatbot app landscape is constantly changing, growing larger and larger every day.

A few weeks ago you would’ve thought some transhumanist war had been launched with two words: Eugene Goostman.

After all, what does it mean when the most “intelligent” machine “passes” as a boy?Yesterday the company launched "Tay," an artificial intelligence chatbot designed to develop conversational understanding by interacting with humans.Users could follow and interact with the bot @Tayand You on Twitter and it would tweet back, learning as it went from other users' posts.At the 2014 Turing Test At The Royal Society in London, the robot, under the guise of a 13-year-old Ukrainian boy, answered questions about his hometown of Odessa, his Jewishness, his pet guinea pig, and his father, a gynecologist (“My friends say he is a “beaver-doctor” – but I guess they lie – he is not a veterinary! After successfully convincing 33% of visitors that he was indeed human, Eugene was hailed as a long-coveted, shining bit of proof: at long last, our technologies were approaching fantastic, sci-fi proportions.Media outlets lit digital torches, sounding the news of this cyborg heir apparent, only to find out later that by most qualifications, this star pupil Eugene had actually failed. It turns out Eugene’s satisfying performance was less about his abilities to “think” intelligently , than it was about his programmer’s abilities to account for his flaws.Microsoft described Tay as a “machine learning project, designed for human engagement” which would converse with 18- to 24-year-olds, learn from them, and get smarter with time.


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