Updating nba 2k9 rosters access form table updating

Idk I really like 2k this year but again they fail with keeping up with their update promises. PLAYERS NEEDING TO BE REMOVED FROM THE FREE AGENT POOL Greg Oden (Let it Go haha) Tracy Mc Grady BLAZERS Shawne Williams(REMOVE) ---Thanks "chello97217" Joel Freeland(ADD) ---Thanks "chello97217" Victor Claver(ADD) ---Thanks "chello97217" Sasha Pavlovic(ADD) ---Thanks "chello97217" HAWKS Jordan Willams(REMOVE) HEAT Terrel Harris(ADD) KNICKS Rasheed Wallace(ADD) MAVS Brandan Wright(ADD) PISTONS Terrence Williams(ADD) Johnny Flynn(ADD) Funny how they said its and extensive update but they barely did anything significant. I appreciate some of the rating updates but come on some teams are missing important parts to their line up. The Nets is missing Mirza who is definitely a big piece to their core bench.I love this game to death but come on man, its time to make a change or at least hire someone that can keep up with what the community wants.This game is amazing in many fronts but this part always holds it down.For example, if a player was on a hot streak that week, the player's ratings would go up, and the opposite would occur if they were struggling.The updates also accounted for trades in-season, as well as injuries that happened during the season.64 MB (360): .00 256 MB (360): .00 512 MB (360): .00 Priority Mail: Add .00 MEMORY CARD BUYBACK If you only need the rosters and not a memory card, send the memory card back to me I will refund you .00. Capcom 2 Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, Deception, and Shaolin Monks Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Soul Caliber 2 and 3 Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection Street Fighter Alpha: Anthology Tekken 4, 5, and Tag Tournament For additional info on my offers, e-mail [email protected]*********************************************************************** TABLE OF CONTENTS I.

Im sorry for ranting but its been like this for many years and kind of fed up.

Im pretty sure Madden came out with a roster update right when the game came out and constantly updates every day or so to stay with whats trending around the league.

I do understand that they need to get authorization from the NBA and NBPA about player signings but still, they are a video game company trying to produce the most realistic game.

As any hoops gaming fan knows, EA Sports' NBA Live 09 announced its player DNA feature a few months back, whereby in-game player attributes will be updated based on real-life results.

2K understands that Living Rosters might sound like a similar feature, and they're quick to point out its essential differences.


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