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For a television and film industry novice that kind of thinking can be viewed as dreaming the impossible dream. Growing up as one of 16 children, goal-achieving has been in Baxter’s DNA for a while. I know there is that ladder that you have to climb. She relocated from New Jersey to Los Angeles to get closer to the Hollywood action.

Achieving is a simple mandate for the 26-year-old breathtaking beauty. That’s why she believes she’ll become just as successful in acting as she has been in the modeling and video worlds. I had to climb that ladder doing the videos and doing the modeling. She received some kudos for her roles in “Speed Dating” and “Video Girl,” starring actress Meagan Good.

“We were having an argument about inappropriate behavior on Twitter.

Him being inappropriate with other woman on Twitter.

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She didn’t run away from the stiff challenge of climbing the ladder in the urban modeling scene, an arena that has made her a swimsuit and video icon.

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“It’s all about being tasteful and not showing too much,” said Baxter in a sit-down interview with News4

“It’s about being productive without showing everything. Baxter now has her eyes set on cornering the world of acting and becoming a credible thespian.


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