Dating schick injector razors

A Schick box for the razor can also be spotted in the bathroom next to the large mirror. I have a nice collection now of old shaving razors and classic aftershaves as well as alot of modern product.The same shaving cream can also be spotted in the last scene, in the train's sleeping compartment of Bond, although in some shots during the fight scene it is not there anymore. This scene in LIve and let die had a profoud effect on me as I used to see it when it was re shown on tele at Christmas throughout the 80's as I was growing up, and I've always wondered what razor it was...While second in sales to Gillette globally, Schick is the top selling brand of safety razors and blades in Japan.

The razor seems to be the Type L, which was produced from 1965 to 1980. Most Schick Injector L models have a ribbed bottom so maybe the one Bond uses has that as well, although it does look like a smooth bottom in the film.Production of this innovative razor started in Jersey City in 1926.These razors were the forerunners to the famous Schick Injector Razor.The handle is the square shaped handle (a more rounded version also exists).The exact model is hard to find, there are many similar models with different logo on the razor, or different shape handles, but many Schick razors are offered on e Bay. During one particularly severe winter, while the temperature hovered at 40ø F below zero, he noticed he had a difficult time trying to shave.


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