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has been selected and presented today during the Fresh TV conference.

As we have learned more of the fascinating history of this game we have found that the original single player game Mordor 1 is largely based on an earlier UNIX MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) called AVATAR dating from the early 1980's and which is still being played today.

Date by date, the candidate will remove the avatars until just one of them still stands and the candidate finds out the person behind the avatar, will the love keep going on? Filming starts on etb’s a new comedy drama “eskamak kentzen” set in a canning factory. When the owner of the “I Tre Velieri” canning factory announces that the company is on the verge of bankruptcy and will have to close, the workers decide to step in and form a cooperative in […] ‘Mini Me’ is a flamboyant talent show in which four major music stars tour the country on the most important and emotive mission of their careers: to find their own personal Mini Me, that one young singer with the talent to become their successor.

Our ‘Levántate’ crosses the Atlantic Ocean and suceessfully lands in Mexico, United States, Argentina and Brazil with ‘Me pongo de pie’ (Mexico, Canal2 and United States, Univision), ‘Laten corazones’ (Argentina, Telefe) and ‘Levanta-te’ (Brasil, SBT).

You will need to complete the simple tasks required of you.

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