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Stereotyped as the land of tastemakers, juice and boob jobs, LA is often overlooked by more cerebral prospects in favor of seemingly more cerebral cities like New York or Chicago.But LA can get intellectual and, dare we say, “nerdy” too."Is your relationship suffering because of infidelity, pornography, or sex addiction?Do you feel like giving up on your marriage because it hurts too much?LOS ANGELES ( — Attorneys for a former San Marino High School student have filed a lawsuit alleging school officials were indifferent to her claim that she was raped by a fellow member of the campus debate team while they were in a relationship.

We want to get close, but fear that we will be required to compromise ourselves to get what we want and need.Sure, we have our fair share of Ron Jeremys, Kylie Jenners and 33 year-old lifestyle bloggers who live in dad’s backhouse, but we also have loads of neurosurgeons, professors, artists and rocket scientists.LA is after all, the home of Lolita back in college and then snag a quick smooch under the cozy archways made of books.And, for me, it has been an honor to help others with their ..."See full therapist profile "Having helped many men and women during my 30 years of experience, I am honored that people come to share their personal stories with me, and am fascinated by the many ways in which their lives unfold.As I learn more ..."See full therapist profile "Our experiences and environment shape us greatly.The teacher also failed to inform administrators about the plaintiff’s allegations despite the student’s ask for help in doing so,” according to the suit.


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