Quicken not updating deposits

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Step #2: It is possible Quicken may still be trying to connect to our previous online connection.

(Patch seems to be a virtual re-install of the whole product and also blows away your existing qdata file, it seems, or at least it needs to be re-converted). I am tired tired tired of this software constantly having issues.

After applying this patch, now Quicken 2016 crashes after I enter the QData password before displaying the file. In the last two years Quicken has worked with no errors a total of about a week.

To make sure Quicken is trying to download from the correct Financial Institution name: Why must I deactivate and reactivate my accounts in order for Quicken to download my transactions?

The simple answer is that Express Web Connect (the connection method that Quicken uses to download transactions from STCU) is somewhat error prone when it comes to interacting with Quicken.

Note: Before attempting the steps below, check to make sure your version of Quicken is up to date by visiting Quicken Update Support.

If your version of Quicken is up to date, use the troubleshooting steps below to correct the issue with Quicken downloading your transactions.

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OL-202, OL-204, OL-206, or OL-207 - when trying to download new transactions, send online payments, or set up online account services.

I'm ok with paying them for use of a functional product and have been upgrading every 3 years since they started forcing this issue by terminating bank downloads as they did with Quicken2014 on 4/30/2017.

I've been trying to clean up my QData file and get all the downloaded bank transactions accepted into the registers before upgrading.

As the maker of Quicken/Quick Books (Intuit) moves towards improving its products, services, and security, the retirement of older versions of software is necessary.

For more information, visit the software retirement page.


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