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The costs of packing, shipping and clearing the container in Australia vary considerably from country to country and should be somewhere between $ 5000 and ,000.The cost of settling in Australia includes the cost of accommodation (rent, security bond, upfront rent payments etc), transport (purchase of a car), and household expenses (TV, fridge, furniture etc), plus the cost of looking after yourself and your family and maintaining a reasonable lifestyle.Eligibility for Membership is based on a Stage 1 Competency Assessment.This assessment DOES NOT satisfy immigration requirements.

Factors which influence processing times include: • The place where the visa application was made •Visa processing workload at the time •Whether all the necessary documents have been provided •The complexity of the visa application •Turnaround times for medicals and character checks On an average, a general skilled independent Australia skilled migration visa can take around 9 months to process. Requests by the Visa Office for additional supporting information 8.

The MARA web site has a page with an overview of for managing applications for the various visa classes.

The Consultancy Fee charged by AMES for its services is broadly in line with those set out on the MARA website and, as indicated there, our fee will vary depending on the type of visa involved.

If you choose to join Engineers Australia, you will also achieve membership and Chartered Status along the way.

Members are provided with additional help and advice in preparing to meet these requirements.


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