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It’s a sobering fact reinforced by Forrester’s "State of Chatbots" report.

So, why doesn’t the chatbot experience match the industry excitement?

But then came Do Not Pay, a chatbot launched by an 18-year-old to help people fight parking tickets, and suddenly all the world’s media, it seemed, were writing about robot lawyers.

Suddenly, it seems, new law-related chatbots are springing up regularly.

Luis von Ahn is a genius according to the Mac Arthur Foundation, but he feels pretty dumb when he tries to speak Portuguese.

“I can read anything, and I can write almost perfectly, but I will not open my mouth,” the CEO and cofounder of the foreign language-learning app Duolingo confesses to Duolingo’s solution, unveiled today, are new chatbots that let newbies practice conversations with artificial intelligence discussion partners instead of having to face real human beings when they are just starting out.“Practice real Spanish conversations without blushing,” promises the new module for von Ahn’s native language.

But this learning method allows bullies to teach it respond with insults and foul language.If you have no idea what a chatbot is, you’re far from alone.Until last year, there wasn’t much chatter about them, and they were almost unheard of in law.It is premature to say they are taking off in the legal industry, but they are certainly making a splash and drawing attention.Stanford’s recent Codex Future Law conference, for example, devoted a session to the rise of legal chatbots."You know what happens to people who don’t fulfill their oath?


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