Ne yo dating ravaughn

Monyella - who starred in reality show Hollywood Exes - shared with viewers that she was heartbroken over the way her relationship with Ne-Yo ended, and revealed that she underwent a procedure so that they wouldn’t have more kids together.

Add in some lush, sensual production, and Ne-Yo's latest is certainly one to vibe too, especially for those interested in conceptual tracks.He and Renay announced their engagement and her pregnancy last August. Earlier this month, Renay posted a sweet photo of Ne-Yo hugging her bare baby bump."Now I understand why Nothing else ever worked in my favor.You are the man I've dreamed of and you have given me the family My heart has longed for.The Carson, California native released her EP, ‘Love Always,” earlier this year and she hasn’t stopped since.Her current single “Best Friend” from her upcoming album is building popularity as it strongly resonates with women around the world while the men are still able to relate.“I have to go on record by saying me and Monyetta Shaw have no beef, we are not enemies in any way shape or fashion,” he admits before continuing, “The romantic element of our relationship is over but that is my partner, we’re raising a kid together.”Things were easier before Shaw signed on to be part of the reality show and aired an episode addressing her tubes getting tied. “She says, and I quote, ‘As a family we decided we didn’t want any more children.’ People took that and turned it into ‘Ne-Yo beat up Monyetta and forced her to tie her tubes then left her the next day.'” People take her words and make their own opinions on it, he says, but confirms they both made the mutual decision while at the doctor’s office.


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