Vin diesel dating 2016

Sitting on the lap of a man wearing a coyote mask are identical twin boys dressed as cops, who appear to be Saldana and Perego's sons, Cy and Bowie, who will turn 1 this month."Pauline and the Twins' first Halloween," wrote Vin, 48.

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The star, who is relatively mum about his personal life, opened up about being a dad while giving his late costar Paul Walker a shout-out in November 2014. People have been searching for news about Vin Diesel’s wife and kids, but they’re going to be disappointed to find out that Vin Diesel doesn’t actually have a wife! The two have been dating for nearly a decade and seem to be going strong, despite their 16-year age difference—Jimenez will be 33 in August, while Diesel just turned 49. Here are five fun facts about Vin Diesel’s girlfriend.She had her first child, Hania Riley, in 2008 when she was only 24 years old."He was an important part of my transition into fatherhood." PHOTOS: Sexy, shirtless dads!Watch as they make faces at the camera together, chill on the beach, snuggle in vans, and adorably watch over Diesel's daughter, Pauline. Diesel's virtual hug is probably a response to a video Rose posted on Instagram a few days ago, showing the best buds getting about on a scooter and hacking into a cake with a hatchet. Also, be prepared for the part where Diesel bites Rose's earlobe, like a friendly puppy. All of which goes to show that, as a caption in the video says, "best friends are...bound by love." I love it.She has also appeared on the cover page of Maxim magazine Spanish edition.


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