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About p.m., an explosion was heard at another part of the street, and a fireball blew a metal grate from the sidewalk in front of the South Penn parking garage.

Less than two minutes later, a second and even larger explosion occurred at the original spot of the smoke.

Several windows in an office building in the 600 block of Cherry Street appeared to be cracked from the impact of the first blast.

Kemery said fire crews had to wait for the power to be turned off until they could attempt to put out the flames.

Oklahoma health care leaders say lives could very well be hanging in the balance after the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled against a cigarette price hike that was passed in the final hours of last legislative session.

Taylor Swift enters an alternate universe to date a body building George Harrison, a study finds that 83 percent of gamblers quit right before they would have hit the big one, and an Asian guy has a separate group of Asian friends.

Preliminary work on the renovation of Duncan Park, 4880 S.

Pennsylvania St., was slated to begin this week after city council approved the contract with American Civil Constructors last week. Usually municipalities must go with the lowest bid, but since there was only one bidding company, the city had to go with American Civil Constructors.

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Firefighters stood at the scene as more explosions happened, hot sparks and flames coming from the cable.

Met-Ed crews worked through thenight to avert a power outagethat had the potential to knock out power for days to as many as 30 customers in downtown Readingafter a high-voltage underground cable caught fire, ,utility spokesman R. Firefightersblocked the intersection as a thin column of smoke rose from a metal grate on the sidewalk along Cherry Street.

for a report of black smoke coming from a manhole and grate near the Wells Fargooffice building and the State Office Buildingat Sixth and Cherry streets.

MIAMI—Applying an analytical framework dating back to 360 BC, Spurs power forward Tim Duncan used the concept of infinite divisibility Thursday to argue that, in theory, no team could win the NBA championship.

MEDFORD, OR—While calculating his budget Wednesday, Ben Hollis, a 30-year-old man, carefully factored in the birthday money he’ll receive next month as a way to offset a number of expenses, sources confirmed.


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