Limerick speeddating

You now know at least fifteen other people so you shouldn’t have much of a problem mixing in the bar. in Limerick is our new speeddating venue in Limerick and we are anxious to get going there as quickly as possible.

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The real serious business of marking your card usually takes place now and can take up to a half an hour.Please click on the ‘ Book Now’ button to reserve your place.You will be taken to our booking pages where you can quickly & safely book your place online.Speed Dating Limerick hopes these people will entrust in them to provide local singles with face to face meetings with genuine local single people for some fun and excitement.Speed Dating Limerick will be hosting a number of quality singles events such as speed dating and singles parties in the area and look forward to seeing new faces at their events.Speed Dating Limerick has been set up with the aim of bringing like-minded single people together.


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