Bridget marquardt is dating

Sadly, doesn't sound like much sexual confidence there.

So, when I got the chance to talk to with Bridget Marquardt, former star of E!

In a video posted on Tuesday, Madison said she’s no longer with Hefner.

She also said she is “still filming stuff together” with Wilkinson and Marquardt.

This will be Marquardt's second trip down the aisle.

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In 2011, the buxom blond told Us Weekly that she froze her eggs when she was 34 for "insurance" and "a little extra time." Marquardt was known as the "fun one" on the "Girls Next Door" reality show for her upbeat personality and friendly demeanor.But it's also important in order to feel better about yourself!I'd once read in a Glamour survey that more than half of 4,000 women polled said they felt too fat to have sex.Since moving out of the Playboy Mansion, Bridget, 38, has had her own TV series on the Travel Channel, found love with director Nicholas Carpenter and launched her own high end sexy costume line, Bridget by Roma.And, on top of all that, she's managed to squeeze in a nice little gig as the latest spokesperson for Durex condoms, handing out a little love advice to couples and encouraging them to spice up their relationships.'s Girls Next Door and once one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends (along with Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson), I couldn't resist asking her about sexual confidence.


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