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Maybe we could restart with a spirited discussion of his favorite chili recipe, the one he made for his hordes of friends at his famous football parties (though, looking around, I wasn't sure where he actually sat—or stood—them all).

This is not the kind of thing you do." They had a point. "Something understated," I added, "because, you know, second marriage and everything."Finally, I landed in Bangor, and there he was, attempting a casual pose. " I said, as if I were on a weekend retreat for women who'd temporarily lost their minds. When he left to go to the bathroom, it was my first moment alone. Just like that scene from "The Big Chill" without the extra people and the dead friend.

If your song happens to be any of the following: – Once you are finished typing up your lyrics, print them onto white cardstock.

, Dutchess meets with her lawyer to discuss Pretty-N-Ink’s future after celebrating the business’s one-year anniversary.

Now that she’s expanding, Dutchess needs to protect her assets, a big mistake she has made in the past.

I have found some awesome pieces so far but I know I have missed tons of great buys because I don’t have a lot of knowledge/experience in vintage clothing.

So if anyone can pass along any information and/or resources where I can do some research on identifying vintage pieces I would really appreciate it.


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