Lesbian dating baltimore

Larry Harris and Leonard Martin grew up around the block from each other but never knew it at the time, caught up as they were in regular childhood concerns and in keeping their heads down in the men-are-macho environment of West Baltimore.

By the time they met as adults — Harris a few years out of the Army, Martin jumping through jobs and still looking for his spot in the world — they were surprised at how much they had in common.

Dating with locals needn’t be difficult – just get online today!

The exertion is enough to make one pitch those stilettos, grab slippers and see what’s on Netflix.

Just when it seems the gayborhood has forgotten about women, Vanna and Julia Belton come along with the perfect cure.

Looking at each other on a recent evening on the couch in their tidy home in the down-on-its-luck Oliver neighborhood of East Baltimore, they laugh easily.

It's been years since Martin worried about Harris wearing clear nail polish in public, or Harris having to push Martin to worry less about what other people had to say.


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